Divorce lawyer in Ukraine. The way out of any situation.

Unfortunately, in the modern world the waya of many spouses often differ, and not all are happy with the terms offered in such cases and in the worst case, a marriage are made for profit, any of these events could result in litigation. In order not to spoil your health and nerves on the long trials, and to keep your financial assets in integrity, you should consult a qualified divorce lawyer in Ukraine.

Our divorce lawyers in Ukraine are ready to help you in such issues:

• Issues related to children. With whon a child will remain. The issue of maintenance of children and alimony.

• The division of property issue. All the property jointly acquired during their stay in the marriage is usually divided equally between the spouses. Personal property – the one which was owned by each of the family members before marriage, is not subject to the division.

• The housing issue. If the housing is the property of one spouse, the latter shall lose the right to use it. If the title belongs to both, it shall be decided how the living space be divided.

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